Setting Powder Hack For Eyeshadow Fallout

October 11, 2023

Setting Powder Hack For Eyeshadow Fallout

We’ve all been there: We’ve applied a beautiful base, flawless foundation, under eye concealer, bronzer—the only thing left is the eyes. And it’s always these times that we get so much eyeshadow fallout that we have to remove our undereye makeup and reapply. Well, not anymore. With our makeup artist approved hack featuring our fan-favorite setting powder, we’re preventing eyeshadow fallout a different way.

What You Need

If you’re tired of redoing your perfectly applied makeup each time you forget to do your eyeshadow first, you’re going to love this technique. All you need is our loose translucent setting powder, a powder brush, and your favorite eye makeup.

It’s important to use a loose setting powder here because it serves two purposes: one, it’s setting your undereye makeup, and two, its catching excess eyeshadow fallout, too (more on that later). While pressed powders do a great job of setting your makeup, it won’t be able to catch fallout the way we want it to.

Have everything you need? Let's see how this makeup-artist hack works.

How to Stop Eyeshadow Fallout

Once your face makeup is fully applied and you’re ready to start your eyes, follow these steps to avoid eyeshadow fallout:

Step One

Apply your translucent loose setting powder under your eyes with the powder brush. Don’t be afraid to really pack it on there!

Step Two

Don’t blend or wipe away any excess. If you’re used to “baking” your skin, the application is the same.

Step Three

Apply any eyeshadow, liner or mascara as normal.

Step Four

Once your eye look is complete, dust away the excess powder and watch as any eye makeup fallout goes with it!

Don’t let eyeshadow fallout ruin your foundation again! With this makeup artist hack, it’s easy way to achieve a flawless face each and every day. Stay tuned for more tips from the professionals.