Backstage at the Galia Lahav Bridal Fashion Show

April 12, 2024

Backstage at the Galia Lahav Bridal Fashion Show

Bridal Fashion Week is a highly anticipated event in the wedding industry, showcasing the latest trends and designs in bridal wear. One of the standout designers at was Galia Lahav, known for her exquisite wedding dresses that exude elegance and sophistication.

@lauramercier Recreate the beauty look at @Galia Lahav’s Spring 2025 Couture Show, "The Stunners" 🤍👰‍♀️ ✨Tinted Moisturizer Light Revealer ✨RoseGlow Liquid Highlighter in Peach Bronze ✨RoseGlow Caviar Eye Stick in Bed of Roses ✨ Lip Glacé in Macaron #NYBFW #BridalFashionWeek #GLBride #GaliaLahav #LauraMercier #bridaltok #bridal #weddingtok ♬ Tempest 3 / Beethoven , Piano(1093277) - Noi m knot

Laura Mercier at the Galia Lahav Show

For the Galia Lahav fashion show, Laura Mercier provided the makeup artistry, creating stunning looks to complement the intricate designs. Galia Lahav's head designer Sharon Server said this collection embraces "the spirit of empowerment and individuality" a concept held true by Laura Mercier herself.

The makeup artists used a range of products to achieve the perfect bridal look, but all started with a base of Real Flawless Foundation and Real Flawless Concealer before adding pops of color to the eyes, cheeks and lips. 

On the Eyes

Laura Mercier artists used Caviar Stick Eye Shadow on the eyes. The used shades Rosegold, Sunrise, and Burnished Bronze, along with Caviar Tightline Eyeliner for added definition.

For a Bridal Flush

On the cheeks the makeup artists used Tinted Moisturizer Blush in shades Coastline, Mistral, and Cherry Orchard, paired with the RoseGlow Liquid Highlighter for a radiant glow.

Bridal Lips

For kissable lips, artists used Petal Soft Lipstick Crayon which provides a soft wash of color and a soft matte finish. Shades used include Augustine and Leona. For some models, the artists opted for a brighter lip and used High Vibe Lip Color in shade Like. 

A Perfect Match

With the combination of Galia Lahav's stunning designs and Laura Mercier's expert makeup artistry, the bridal fashion show was a true showcase of beauty and sophistication, setting the tone for the upcoming wedding season.