Lip Liner Makeup
Lip Liner Makeup

Lip Liner Makeup

Sharpen your lip look with our luxurious lip liner collection. Featuring our fan-favorite Longwear Lip Liner and the Caviar Perfecting Lip Liner, both formulated in a creamy, yet long-lasting matte finish, you can create a flawless base for your favorite Laura Mercier satin lipstick. These waterproof pencil lip liners, glide on effortlessly to define, shape, and prevent color bleeding, ensuring your perfect pout stays put all day long.

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    Caviar Perfecting Lip Liner

    Comfortable non-dragging application for 16HR of flawless wear while remaining feather and water-proof.

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The Statement Red

Conceal around the lip line to ensure crisp lines for the ultimate statement lip.

Caviar Perfecting Lip Liner

07 Red Velvet

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Caviar Smoothing Matte Lipstick

520 Scarlet Velvet

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The 90s Supermodel

Smudge liner inwards with fingers to soften, then apply lipstick and press lips to blend.

Caviar Perfecting Lip Liner

03 Brown Tulle

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Caviar Smoothing Matte Lipstick

168 Pink Chiffon

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The Just-Bitten Berry

For a stained, "bitten-lip" effect, line and fill in lips with a light liner, then press and blend a darker lipstick in the center.

Caviar Perfecting Lip Liner

07 Luxurious Mauve

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Caviar Smoothing Matte Lipstick

510 Mulberry Moire

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Learn More About Lip Liner

Long Lasting Lip Color Needs Long Lasting Lip Liner

A simple way to ensure your lip makeup stays in place all day long is to pair your lipstick with a longwear lip liner. Ours glides on smoothly and comfortably and is an indispensable artistry tool to prolong the wear of your favorite lip products. For zero feathering or color bleed, try our long-lasting lip liner.

Meet Our New Waterproof Lip Liner

Our newest waterproof lip liner is carefully designed to line lips for color that lasts without ever feathering or feeling dry. It applies smoothly and evenly without dragging or skipping because of the vitamin E and French hyaluronic acid in the formula. It’s the perfect companion to our new Caviar Smoothing Matte Lipstick, so get ready for your chicest pout yet.

Chic & Effortless Lip Liner Makeup Tips

First, always sharpen your lip liner before applying it as this will ensure a clean and precise line. Second, start from the corners of your mouth for a more natural looking outline. And thirdly, try using your lip liner in new ways: as an eyeliner, as a freckle pen, or as a contour stick. If you want to adopt some of the “je ne sais quoi” prevalent in French women's style, try these tips for yourself. 

Lip Liner FAQs 

How long does lip liner last? 

Our newest lip liner lasts for 16 hours–with no feathering or color bleed. See for yourself what our newest formula looks like on your own lips.

How to use lip liner pencil? 

Take your favorite cream or matte lip liner and outline your lips following your natural shape. For added dimension, fill in with the pencil or lipstick.

Can you sharpen lip liner pencil with sharpener? 

We suggest using sharpeners specific to lip products as the blade will be different than a traditional lead pencil sharpener. 

How often should a lip liner pencil be cleaned?

When you’ve got makeup brushes and sponges to clean, it can be hard to remember certain cosmetic products need disinfecting, too. Because lip liner pencils can last up to a year or two, it’s important to clean it often. 

How to sharpen waterproof lip liner?

Using a clean lip pencil sharpener, you’d sharpen a waterproof lip liner the same way you would sharpen any other lip liner formula. 

How to remove long lasting lip color? 

Long lasting lip color is great because it lasts all day, but what about when you want to take it off? That’s when our purifying micellar water is necessary. Even waterproof lip makeup is effectively dissolved with just one sweep.

What is the rule for lip liner? 

Any makeup artist will tell you, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. However, if you want our top tip, here’s what we will say: Choose a lip liner that’s one shade darker than your lipstick for added definition. It’s a subtle way to add a little depth to an otherwise effortless look.

Can I use lip liner like lipstick?

Yes, you can use lip liner to add color to your entire lips, however there are few other applications that may suit you better. For example, you can overdraw the outline of your lips for a fuller-looking pout. Or you can use a darker shade to color in the corners of your mouth and a lighter lipstick on the center for a dimensional look. Experiment with what you like most.