Where to Put Liquid Highlighter & Why You Need It

October 11, 2023

Where to Put Liquid Highlighter & Why You Need It

We all want to look lit from within, but sometimes, eight hours of deep, restful sleep and glass after glass of water can’t do that trick. That’s when our liquid highlighter comes into play. There’s an undeniable glow only our RoseGlow Liquid Highlighter can offer—and we’re going to tell you why. Plus, stick around for tips on application.

What Makes Our Liquid Highlighter Different

If you’re unsure which shade of liquid highlighter to choose, we have something special for you. Our newest additions to the bestselling RoseGlow collection includes three shades of our radiant highlighter: Champagne Pink, Gold Glow and Peach Bronze. And the best part? Each one is guaranteed to work with every skin tone because these shades are infused with a unique mix of pearls inspired from rose gold metal that self-adjusts to anyone’s complexion for the perfect nude shimmery liquid highlighter.

This blend of warm and cool tones brings life and light to your makeup for dimension, radiance, and that sought-after glow we all want. Plus, this liquid formula balances coverage and comfort with soft silica powders for a blurring finish and sensorial oils for lasting lightweight wear. Read on to see other benefits of gold liquid highlighter.

The Benefits of Gold Liquid Highlighter

Outside of the unbelievable glow a liquid highlighter offers, ours does a little more. Because our liquid highlighter features a lightweight formula that’s both lasting and blurring, we recommend mixing it with either your foundation, tinted moisturizer, blush, or bronzer to achieve an all-day glow that leaves your complexion looking flawless. Whether you use the highlighter on its own or in combination with another face product, the formula is designed to offer balance, shimmer, and coverage. Who doesn’t want that?

How to Use Liquid Highlighter

Now that you know the benefits of using a highlighter, let’s discuss how to apply liquid highlighter like a makeup artist. Like we mentioned above, you can really apply liquid highlighter anywhere, but we’re going to break it into parts so you can choose which application best suits you.

Face & Body

When trying to decide where to put liquid highlighter on your face and neck, there are a few key points you want to hit—and those are your high points. Think cheekbones, bridge of your nose, collarbones, and decolletage.

To achieve flawless coverage and ultimate glow, mix a little gold liquid highlighter with your tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. Apply using your fingers or with a cheek brush for a more sculpted effect. The same method can be used with your favorite blush or bronzer. Just mix your cheek product with your liquid highlighter on the back of your hand and dab it on wherever you need a pop of color.


To give the appearance of fuller lips, dab a little liquid highlighter on your cupid’s bow, the little V in the center of your top lip. This application works with any shade in our RoseGlow collection. Simply use your finger or a brush to feather the product into place—and voilà. Your lips are perfectly pout.


One of our favorite places to apply liquid highlighter is to the eye. Specifically, we love to highlight the inner corner, the brow bone, and finish off eyeshadow looks with a dab of highlighter right in the center of the lid for added shimmer. Here’s how to achieve the looks:

  • For the inner corner, dab a little liquid highlighter on the back of your hand and use a small eyeshadow brush to pick up a little of the product. Gently dab the inner corners for extra illumination and a doe-eyed effect.
  • For the brow bone, it’s nice to apply a little highlighter right beneath your eyebrow toward the outer tip. This creates a lifted effect and can finish off a smokey eye look quite nicely. Using your finger, just dab a little liquid highlighter right under the brow bone and blend out smoothly.
  • For the center lid, you can use your liquid highlighter as an eyeshadow topper. This is a great way to use your liquid highlighter in an unexpected way. Like any shimmer eyeshadow topper, you need a slightly wet formula (just like our liquid highlighter) to sit on top of your lid shade to create shine and dimension. Once your eyeshadow is applied, dab a tiny bit on the center of your lid and buff out with either a brush or your finger.