The Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes + How to Apply It

October 11, 2023

The Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes + How to Apply It

If you have blue eyes, it’s time to play them up! We're breaking down the best eyeshadow for blue eyes, which colors to use, how to apply eyeliner for blue eyes, and more. Whether you want something subtle and glowy or vibrant and bold (see the video below!), we’re offering several ideas on how to make your blue eyes pop.

Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

We know there on tons of shades and applications that can make your blue eyes shine, but we’re here to keep it simple. If you want an easy-to-apply eye makeup product that glides on seamlessly, won’t crease, and wears for 12 hours, you need our Caviar Stick. With nearly 30 shades to choose from, this all-in-one eyeshadow for blue eyes can be worn alone as a shadow, eyeliner, or highlight.

But how do you know which shade to choose? You’re in luck because we’re sharing exactly what colors will bring out your blue eyes.

How to Choose the Right Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

Let’s be real, blue eyes are so stunning that you really could wear whatever eyeshadow shade you wanted. But if you really want to make them pop, try these:

Earth Tones

When we say earth tones, we’re talking about the naturally occurring shades like terracotta, copper and rust. In combination with blue eyes (especially light blue), the contrast is unbelievably captivating.

Soft Pinks

On the days you want something more subtle, try wearing a dusty rose or light mauve eyeshadow color. These delicate tones can really flatter the look of blue eyes.

Deep Blues

If you thought blue on blue wasn’t a good look, we invite you to try wearing a deep, navy blue eyeshadow in a shimmery or matte formula. It’s unexpected, glam, and perfect for a nighttime party look.

Metallic Shades

And finally, we think metallic shades like gold, champagne, bronze are perfect for enhancing your blue eyes—with an added touch of sparkle. We took Plum, a rich eggplant shade with hidden pearl and created an undeniably alluring eye look.

Best Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Just like eyeshadows, you really can’t go wrong with any eyeliner color, but certain shades will definitely offer a nice contrast to make your eyes appear even bluer. Brown, copper, navy blue are all great eyeliner shades for blue eyes and you can them alone or paired with an eyeshadow. Because our Caviar Stick can be worn as both a shadow and a liner, we like to keep several shades on hand.

If you want to learn how makeup artists use our Caviar Sticks for blue eyes, check out our step-by-step tutorial below.

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are so fun to play up or down, and with the right tools, you can achieve almost any eye look you want. Here’s how:

Step One

Choose your favorite shades. Our original Caviar Sticks come in 27 shades, our matte version has 12 more shades, and our RoseGlow collection has another six shades. Using our color guide above, pick out a few that you can use as both a shadow and liner.

Step Two

Decide what eye makeup look you’re going for. Do you want a smokey eye? Do you want a single bold liner? Do you want an everyday easy makeup look? We can help with all three.

Step Three

For a smokey eye look, apply your darkest shade right along the lash line. Using an eyeshadow brush or your finger, start to smudge out the line so there is no harsh edge. From there, glide a lighter shade across your lid and blend the two shades together. Voilà--your smokey eye is complete.

For a single bold eyeliner look, rim your entire eye with a bold shade like copper, navy or metallic purple. Be sure to include a small cat eye flick at the edge! Then, using a Q-tip, clean up any edges to make sure your lines are clean.

For an everyday eye makeup look, choose a neutral earth tone and apply across the entire lid. Using a brush or your finger, blend out until the color is diffused. Stop there or apply a highlighter shade to your inner corners and you’re good to go!