Jason Hoffman

Global Beauty Director, Laura Mercier

Through the past 20 years, Jason Hoffman has quietly built an unmatched reputation as an innovator of artistry and as a leading authority in the makeup industry.
Beginning his career in entertainment, Hoffman worked with a star-studded roster of clients, including Ziyi Zhang and Hayden Panettiere. In creating iconic looks for his celebrity clientele, he also worked alongside creative masterminds Steven Klein and Terry Richardson, as well as style-makers Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg.
After a decade long tenure crafting looks for film, runways and celebrities, Hoffman transitioned to the business of global cosmetics. In this new role, he was uniquely positioned to bridge trend-driven strategy with cutting-edge artistry.
Further, with Hoffman’s deep-rooted understanding of geographies and market nuances, he’s successfully helped build brand equity globally through his unique ability to empower his teams to connect and inspire consumers, and artist communities around the world.
Whether backstage or in the boardroom, Hoffman’s philosophy on beauty has remained unchanged. “I believe that makeup has the power to change people for the better. I will always want to be a part of that.