Auto Delivery FAQs

What is Auto Delivery?

Auto Delivery is a service where you can set up automatic shipments of select Laura Mercier products at your preferred frequency with 10% off and free shipping.

What is the advantage to Auto Delivery?

With Auto Delivery, you’ll never be without your favorite Laura Mercier products. You’ll also receive 10% off and complimentary shipping on all Auto Delivery orders.

How will I know about my upcoming Auto Delivery order?

You will receive an email confirming your upcoming Auto Delivery Order. You can update the frequency or cancel an upcoming order from your reminder email.

Can I edit, cancel or change the frequency of my upcoming Auto Delivery cycle?

Yes. To manage your Auto Delivery order(s) at any time, sign into your account and go to the Auto Delivery tab in My Account. You can cancel or edit the quantity and frequency of your Auto Delivery cycle up to 24 hours before your next order. Your next scheduled Auto Delivery order date will display in this section as well.

Who do I contact if I experience issues placing or managing my Auto Delivery order(s)?

You can manage your account by signing in and going to the Auto Delivery tab in My Account or by contacting Laura Mercier Customer Care team at:

Is Auto Delivery available on all products?

We offer Auto Delivery on select products. You can see if an item is available for Auto Delivery on its product page.

Will I be charged for shipping on my Auto Delivery order?

All Auto Delivery orders include complimentary standard delivery.

What forms of payment can be used for my Auto Delivery order?

You can pay with any valid credit card. Please note, PayPal and Afterpay are not acceptable forms of payment on Auto Delivery orders. If you would like to place an Auto Delivery order, please submit a valid credit card.

Can I change my method of payment for my Auto Delivery cycle?

You can change your form of payment for an upcoming Auto Delivery order from within My Account. You can add or delete your valid credit card information here as well.

Can I edit the shipping address for an upcoming Auto Delivery order?

Auto Delivery orders are shipped to the default billing and shipping addresses. You can edit this information at any time by logging into My Account.